Reporting to: Head of EPay

Job Purpose: Full management of the effective running of electronic payments while providing support and solutions to the operations environment for all electronic collections.

Location: Woodstock, Cape Town

Key Performance Areas:

Under the management / direction of the Head of EPay, the EPay Manager will have the following responsibilities (including but not limited to):

  • New Payment Channels
  • o Research and identify potential new payment channels and payment technologies relevant to the business and all relevant countries of operation
  • o Project manage the implementation of new payment channels
  • o Grow each payment channel (Internally) and relationship with Vendor(s)
  • o Drive the growth in successful new debit orders through activation and growth strategies
  • o Improve the success rates through ensuring debit order dates are aligned with payment (salary) dates
  • o Have an active strategy in place to minimise debit order disputes
  • o Have an active strategy in place to mitigate business risk through the pro-active implementation of debit order changes, including regulatory changes (e.g. DebiCheck vs NAEDO, etc)
  • o Reduce cost while improving recoveries (profit calc)
  • o Ensure to build relationships with industry bodies, vendor(s) and governing bodies
  • o Ensure controls are in place and operating effectively to check that all payment channels are working validly, completely and accurately
  • o Project manage process improvements and optimisation
  • o Work closely with operations and the data team to identify and resolve any process and / or system issues
  • o Ensure compliance with all relevant regulatory requirements, e.g. PASA, PCI, NamPay.
  • o Work closely with Finance and other parts of the business relevant to payment channel operations (e.g. bank reconciliation requirements).
  • o Ensure to build relationships with industry bodies, vendor(s) and governing bodies
  • o Work closely with operations to ensure payment channels are aligned and part of the operational strategy.
  • o Drive payment channel performance through operational intervention as required, including incentives, rewards and recognition.
  • o Manage internal and external stakeholders, suppliers and service providers relevant to payment channels.
  • o This includes negotiation of the best possible rates with service providers and having an active cost management strategy in place.
  • o When issues do occur, immediate communication and a remedial action plan will be required – this person needs to be solution orientated.
  • o Ensure relevant reports are designed, implemented and up to date based on operational needs and strategic initiatives.
  • o Work closely with the Learning & Development department to identify the need for further training on payment channels
  • o Work closely with the Learning & Development department to strategise the roll out of new payment channels or significant changes to payment channels, the system or the process.
  • o Ideally be the person who operationalise new payment channels and changes through close interaction with agents, team managers and other relevant parts of the business.
  • Debit Orders
  • Business process management
  • Operational drive
  • Stakeholder and cost management
  • Reporting
  • Training


  • Advanced Excel skills required.
  • Working knowledge or better of SQL and Qlik will be a plus.
  • Candidate must be a solution oriented team player, equally comfortable working with agents on the floor and having healthy debates with MANCO about payment channels.


  • A strategic and creative thinker with proven analytical and problem solving capabilities
  • Exceptional interpersonal skills; ability to interact and communicate with all levels of the organization
  • Strong organizational skills and attention to detail
  • Take responsibility for actions and ownership over tasks and duties
  • Desire to take initiative
  • Passion for efficiency and always finding ways to improve processes

This appointment will be made in line with the Nimble Group Employment Equity plan.