Reporting to: Specialised Collections Manager

Job Purpose: As a Specialised Collections Agent you will be responsible for the collection of debt in more specialised and complex cases. You will work on individual cases from beginning to end and be expected to take ownership of each case. Your responsibilities will include conducting research, tailoring your collection efforts to the specific circumstances of each debtor, and using a broad range of legal and investigation services to effectively recover debt. The agent has the responsibility of enhancing debtor profiling. This will involve reviewing and updating debtor records, collecting additional data to improve segmentation and RPC strategy, and identifying opportunities for better targeting and engagement. This task will be critical to the success of your debt collection efforts.

Location: Woodstock, Cape Town


Under the management / direction of the Specialised Collections Manager, the Specialised Collections Case Agent will have the following responsibilities (including but not limited to):

  • Efficient management of allocated cases from start to finish.
  • Conducting effective debtor research and preparing cases accurately.
  • Achieving right party contact using a comprehensive set of search engines / tools and support services.
  • Implement effective negotiation for collection and / resolution of debt and tailoring your collection efforts to the specific circumstances of each debtor.
  • Treating debtors with respect and empathy, while maintaining professional boundaries.
  • Ensuring accurate and timely communication with debtors regarding their accounts and any collection efforts.
  • Offering flexible and manageable repayment options, where appropriate and feasible.
  • Resolving disputes or issues with debtors in a fair and equitable manner.
  • Maintaining compliance with all relevant laws and regulations governing debt collection practices.
  • Collaborating with other departments to ensure a seamless customer experience across the entire debt collection process.
  • Other Ad-hoc duties.


  • Minimum 3 years debt collections or credit management experience.
  • An understanding of business entities, business lending and lending criteria.
  • Firm understanding of the legal processes and procedures.
  • Experience in collections on banking portfolios is advantageous.
  • Experience in a legal collection’s environment is preferable.
  • Computer Literate (MS Office) an intermediate level.
  • Familiarity with conducting research via the internet and various other tools.
  • Working knowledge of Collections system/s is advantageous.
  • Ability to work in a fast paced and an ever-changing environment.


  • Excellent written communication skills, with a keen eye for detail and accuracy. Self-motivated and target driven.
  • Strong command of the English language and the ability to convey complex ideas in a clear and easily understood manner.
  • Thorough understanding of grammar rules, punctuation, and sentence structure, and ability to apply these in written communications.
  • Exceptional attention to detail and a commitment to producing high-quality written work.
  • Strong negotiation skills.
  • Ability to build strong working relationships (internal/external) and effectively communicate with colleagues and customers / clients at all levels.
  • Pro-active team player – works well in a team and contributes to the team’s success.
  • Ability to take ownership of responsibilities.
  • Problem-solving skills.
  • Persuasive / influencing skills.
  • High degree of accuracy.
  • Strong business writing skills.
  • Innovative.


  • Basic Salary PLUS Commission
  • Benefits:
    • Funeral Cover (at the full cost of the employer)
    • Life Cover (at the full cost of the employer)
    • Disability Cover (at the full cost of the employer)
    • Medical Cover (at the full cost of the employer, after successful completion of probation period)
    • Subsidized schooling to PEAK Child Educare
    • Paid maternity leave (in line with Company policy)


You will be required to work a maximum of 45 hours per week.

Monday to Friday: You will be required to work a maximum of 9 hours per day (in the week that you do not work a Saturday) and a maximum of 8 hours per day (in the week that you are working a Saturday) shifted between the times of 07:00 and 20:30 as agreed by management.

Saturdays: You will be required to work a maximum of 6 hours per day on a maximum of 2 Saturdays per month shifted between the times of 08:00 and 14:00 as agreed by management.